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Full-Stack Software developer

I'm a passionate software developer based in Bangladesh. I love to solve problems and build awesome products. I'm a self-taught developer and learning new things every day.


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A Beautiful Code Snippets Generator

Code to Image generator is an open-source tool/application that is built for developers. It helps developers create beautiful code snippets for their codes.

May 28, 202229 views

Top 10 VSCode Extensions for React and Next.js

We will be covering 10 essential visual studio code extensions for React developers. These extensions will help you code faster cleaner and easier.

May 12, 202214 views

Configure Next.js with TypeScript and Tailwindcss

Let's create a next.js Project with TypeScript and Tailwindcss from scratch! In this blog post we are going to see how we can create the next.js project with

May 10, 202228 views

React Tailwindcss TypeScript Vite Starter Template

This is a starter template for React + Tailwindcss + TypeScript + Vite.

May 10, 20225 views