Code To Img

Launched at May 08, 2022

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Code to Image generator is an open-source tool/application that is built for developers. It helps developers create beautiful code snippets for their codes. Developers can easily make code snippets and share them with their co-workers and on social media.

CodeToImg Example

It has many customization options for example you can add blur, change the background color, add gradients to your background also add images from Unsplash, change font sizes or padding, and many more. It has lots of language support. You can also choose the format that you want to export. You can choose PNG, JPEG, or SVG. You can also hide the watermark. You don't have to do anything to hide the watermark. It's all free!

By the way, you can also copy the image to your clipboard directly from the editor. You don't need to export it. Also, you can grab a shareable link. Which you can share with anyone.

It's an open-source application so developers can easily add more cool things to it and make it even more useful for other developers.

CodeToImg Example

I launched this application to Product Hunt and the response was amazing. People are loving this product and its design and customizability. It's really awesome to hear feedback from others. It also got ranked at no 5 on May 13, 2022, and currently, it has up to 185 upvotes 🎉. Which is crazy for me.

If you want to try this out then please visit - and let me know your thoughts on it. Have a great day…